One’s native land is Appenines Peninsula and Sicily. These dogs were fighting on arena and took part in military expeditions with army. In later period they’ve stoped using them for fights and they have become caretaker of homestead, Corso were exploited as shepherd’s, hunting and defensive dogs.

Cane Corso is eager to learn, intelligent, clever and obedient dog, it is acquainted with it’s strenght and require self-control and training consequence from his owner. Corso is incorruptible and serious caretaker of homestead and entrusted property. It is lively temperamented however it isn’t noisy, it has tender and warm attitude for the household, it loves his familly. You should give the dog quite a lot of your attention, time and tenderness then it will repay you being faithful and devoted friend, owner and familly defender. A well-trained dog is going to be loving and friendly however, if it will be left alone (without appropriate training) it could become dangerous.

Cane Corso training needs firmness and consequence, it should be support by reward not by physical pressure. Corso is able to demonstrate donkey’s stubbornness but when it aspire to forbidden things it could show consequence and ingeniousness.

In the house the dog should have soft lair located in the background of transport routes however in way that it could observe household daily activities.


Breed standard

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The author of the above animations is Nicola Mille